Friends in Nepal often ask me, ‘why you like to teach in a four country about Nepali food?’

First of all I Love the cooking. I cook for myself, my whole family or for any visitor in our family's house. In Nepal there is a custom that when people visit our home we should provide them something to eat and drink. It is a form of respect towards our visitor to share the best and most tasty food with them.

I like to reintroduce the food that the Nepali are almost starting to forget about

After sharing food many times people told me they really like the taste of the food I prepared. Especially all the varieties of Achars (pickles) or other dishes that are sometimes people have forgotten about. I like to reintroduce the food as they are already for ages very tasty. Sometimes change the recipe a bit to even give it a more better flavour.

Visitors are not getting the chance to taste the best flavours of Nepal

Nepal is visited by many tourists. Almost all the people that visit Nepal they start to love Nepal. Probably because of it’s beauty but unfortunately mostly not because of it’s delicious food. Tourists that visit Kathmandu or Pokhara can chose to mainly eat the food that they are used to eat in their home country. If people go outside of the city then they sometimes travel with a guide, porters and cooking staff. So still they will not taste the Nepali food.

Why Dal Bhat is not representing the Nepali kitchen!

Most of the people that have visited Nepal know only about our main dish; Dal Bhat. If they have it in the mountains than it will not be including a lot of varieties. The worst probably is that they haven’t got any other Nepali food than this in the mountains.

Each Ethnic group in Nepal has their own special foods

In Nepal there are many ethnic groups and all they have their special dishes and styles of cooking. In the culture of Nepal most of the food have their special occasions or religious festivities. During these people will cook and eat different food. I think this is very special about Nepal so, I like to introduce these tastes of Nepal to everybody by preparing this dinner, giving cooking workshops and making a Nepali cookbook.”


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